THE HAPPY BULL Fresh burgers,fries,amazing shakes,where R U waiting 4?

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4,5 sterren uit 377 beoordelingen
5 dec 2021 om 20:07 Delicious burgers and fries!
3 dec 2021 om 20:54 Het duurde 1,5 uur voordat het eten er was, maar voor de rest was het gewoon goed eten zoals ik ben gewend van de happy bull
27 nov 2021 om 19:59 Voorkom een teleurstelling en bak zelf een burger.
27 nov 2021 om 14:17 Never heard from Thuisbezorgd. After 2h waiting an employee from the restaurant came to deliver my order as no one came from Thuisbezorgd to deliver. Thanks to the people at the happy bull. Food was delicious
20 nov 2021 om 20:54 Amazing food & Amazing driver Thanks!
10 nov 2021 om 20:53 Food was great cooked as directed and very lekker
30 okt 2021 om 19:13 Duurt te lang
30 okt 2021 om 9:17 Food was great as always, delivery took 90 minutes though
10 okt 2021 om 11:13 Thuisbezorgd has serious problems with their GPS tracking system. Driver went well beyond my house, call center rep tried a poor excuse that I didn’t add my address correctly when it’s in my profile and even took15 him minto find mistake. Food ruined
3 sep 2021 om 22:43 The Best burger i ever had delivered at home. Perfect cooking of the meat, inside still rosé and super soft. Absolutely recommended!
19 aug 2021 om 21:08 +3 Tasty combination -2 Dry burger
5 aug 2021 om 21:14 Zoals altijd heerlijke burger!